Where to find the girl: list of secret places

In this article we will talk with you about where to look for a good girl, the one with whom you will be really good, the very second half.

First the bad news (I love the beginning of the GOV…and pour)) )- There are guys that naive to think that one day a miracle will happen and for friends birthday or other party, they accidentally meet a cute girl (or rather, to be introduced) which will be just perfect and will love to the grave, and they her. There are those who believe in such miracles. I must say that this is a type of guys who generally believe in life miracles, they believe that in their lives one day everything will coincide, will converge point and they will be at the right time in the right place And Bang! They will become a millionaire and loved by women.

I’ll tell you right away – this article is for realists, not for dreamers. Naturally, if you all its free time sitting and kill for leave the computer on, barking in contact or in YouTube, then you already nothing not will help, because life she not for leave the computer on, she well is real, she there for window. Therefore, the first thing you will have to get out on the street and, preferably, dress well and go before that three times in a rocking chair (for tone). Here you can read how to meet a girl on the street. And also, on this topic I have some great training videos on my YouTube channel, which you can watch right now by clicking here. In these videos, I cover this topic in more detail. I do not like to write in a blog, I’m still lazy, it’s easier for me to talk on camera ;). So I’d rather watch than read.
So, let’s look at some good options:

I know guys who visit all sorts of fashion shows, for example “fashion Week in Moscow”, they wear nice suits and go there to get acquainted with the models.

There of course a lot of beauties (mostly true without Boobs), but I personally believe that if the girl model, then it is not always something to talk about. Sometimes it’s just amorphous flying chickens with a clearly expressed consumer attitude towards men. Although, try and good luck will find you. Where to find a beautiful girl-probably just at these shows, though, they walk the streets and shopping centers. There is less truth, not so much at once, but there is.

About the clubs – this is a complex question. It is believed that a normal girl there does not find, maybe there is some truth in that, but for example I have met there are very ordinary good girls, which just once a month, gathered with friends and came to dance and have fun. For many people to meet in clubs-this is the only way, and even under alcohol, there seems to be all drunk, you can closer to the girl, can not hear anything, playing loud music, all set to a positive.

But for me personally, the clubs are not the ideal place to find a girl, because there are all in some masks, it is only a girl to cross the threshold of the club, as she becomes an unapproachable bitch with a pompous face (Well, to some extent, not all, but many).

I find it more difficult to communicate with them, because on the street, for example, the girls are real, they are what they are. You can meet your destiny in the fitness club. I generally respect girls who do sports or fitness. There are a lot of smart, beautiful girls. (Naturally, the fitness club should be of a certain level). It’s also quite easy to get acquainted with them, starting with social contextual openers.

We continue the topic-Where to find a girl for a serious relationship-You can go to the theater and during the intermission to meet with an interesting girl, and not even one. Girls who go to the theater, they are definitely good and interesting, because in our age of the Internet and stupid movies in the cinema theater is really an indicator of human intelligence. She will definitely be a delicate nature. Especially a great topic to start a conversation can be- ” Hello! How do you play?” And so you can catch on and talk for a long time. Yes, I agree that many girls come to the theater with gentlemen, but there are also those who go with friends or relatives for example.

Do you want me to tell you how I can meet you in front of my mom? You come up to them, say Hello to both: with a girl – ” Hello!”, with mom – “Hello”, then you do both a compliment. If the mother is young enough, then we can say – “I thought at first that you have sisters,” if mum doesn’t, she can say – “your daughter is very like you and very beautiful”. Here it is important to like my mother, then she will be a daughter all the time elbow push- ” Well? That guy called?”)))))).

Then you introduce yourself to them and say, looking at my mother (this is very important) – “you do not mind if I steal your daughter for a minute to the side”? But this time you already pull the daughter over the elbow. You take a meter for three, so that it is not heard and there you are already interested in yourself (Although she will be interested, because you dared to steal it from her mother) and take the phone, then return it to her mother.

And where to find a good girl? Well, of course on the street, just walking in any Park, in the square, just going for lunch in a cafe across the street. They also go where you are. The easiest and most common way is of course on the street. Street Dating is usually the strongest and most durable.

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