Where to find girls?

I guess the question is where to find a girl is asked by many. In General, for many years of my observations, I noticed that the girls are everywhere, they are so tightly entered into our lives that now meet a girl in the steel shop is not a problem. Or for example girls “welders”, well, who would have thought a girl with a welding machine and even in a mask! Well, just awesome… But there is a purely female profession where men (unlike women) do not usually agree well.

Well, imagine that you are dressed and standing on the threshold of her house, and I think you where to move in search of that girl. I will take by default that you are always alone (that is, without friends, mom and grandmother).

First of all, we estimate what kind of girl we are looking for and depending on her and go there. Decent girl

girls this is the class you sit at home and learn the lessons so during the week days to catch them will be very problematic. But there is a weekend on which this girl (provided that the weather is good) will try to get out for a walk. This is your moment to use. She must go to the Park, can certainly wander to the shops, go to the circus or at least to the theater (which is very rarely done without her relatives), can still look to a friend, but this is not our option. She has nowhere else to go! Since in the store or in the theater, it will mix with a crowd of other girls, you will be very difficult to recognize her. So you go after her in the Park. There, that is, in the Park like to put a bunch of benches on which you will find it and most likely in splendid isolation or with a pet.

Progressive girl

Well, it’s like the girl who all his free time on the disco, clubs, parties and thought she had just about near the forthcoming visit to the popular party. Such a girl can naturally be caught only at the disco, only there she feels relaxed and only there she will want to talk to you. At the time, this girl is not at the party better not to approach her. She’s in another world. Not her element. So go on kakoenibud party it is desirable that the scale she would be grander and there you will find many such girls. But there is in General anyway a lot of girls. But the way the pic of the girls all the laws observed in the weekend, so on Monday there is nothing to do.

Internet maniac

such a girl you better find in chat rooms and on IRC, there if you you you can bypass determine who this in fact, girl or unshaven the guy, can be find itself girl such is it character. But do not forget that would pull this girl from the Internet you will need a lot of strength and ability to communicate (I’ll tell you more). But if you pull it out, you’ll get a completely unassisted creature who can’t live in this world. She only lives in the virtual. Most likely this girl will be a virgin in what also has its advantages.

Cool girl.

I don’t think you should be interested in this category. But still these girls can also catch. But the first thing you should stock up on cool, swagger and a chat. It can be found in some big company or party is how you better to perceive by ear. There, this girl will be among the limitless number of friends in which you have to pull it. Still, I strongly advise you not to dwell on this option.

More girls can be found in Dating services.It is best if the girl is there without a photo, because if she is with a photo, then others write to her a lot. I advise you to choose not very well-known services, again because of their small number of users. If you are going to write there, be extremely polite. Food for girls younger than you or the same age. Don’t try to meet her right away.

How to meet

Let’s say you chose a group of girls we’re going to breed. But this is very little because they need something else and say how to start a conversation. You won’t be silent when you come? And, if you are, then all at once will spoil and you for certain will accept for any pervert or worse that maniac. So before someone to come and meet you need to increase your vocabulary special phrases common values that you will be able to tell her the approximation.

Most importantly when you speak the phrase a girl should be very serious and try not to spill over into the red. Do guys have this tendency in the last moment (the responsible person) to give up, get scared and leave consoling himself with the thought, “I don’t need this” or “I can’t, let them get acquainted with me, why me”. But this is all the goings-on from reality. You just have to get over yourself and get acquainted. And if you do not get, then do not despair, do not complete and try to brazenly continue to get acquainted with her friend who just turned out to be your happiness next.

But before you go to someone you have to weigh all the pros and cons because if you do it, then you have to spend the whole evening with this girl or worse all day, and she’s not pretty and her mouth stinks worse than you from the trash. Such mistakes cannot be made. Why waste your time and your money on a girl you don’t like, and you have to spend the money. Almost all girls measure your love for her with money. I mean, the more money you spend on her, the more you love her.

That’s it, it’s time to get down to business! You choose your type of girl and look at my recommendations for getting to know her. And do not forget that here are only the first phrases that you need to tell her. And about how to keep the conversation going look at a competent section.

Decent girl

such a girl mostly sits at home, and therefore strongly influenced by her mother and grandmother. Its ideal is the same as it is the guy who sits at home and learns lessons. She still sees the world in pink. Her life didn’t hit (the parents have saved) and therefore it is necessary to start in the series about love. So you come up to her and say (you must say to you, it will flatter), ” I have a dream ten years old Girl, and in it I see you!”You wait for her reaction, and the reaction will most likely be in the form of silence or she will wonder what you said to her. Then she can repeat the phrase, without the first word. After she moves away from the shock you can continue the conversation and ask permission from her that you will stay with her a little. Next, you need to build a conversation as if you are the first time you meet. More silence, be shy and do not immediately offer to go to drink beer. You better ask her to go to the cafe with you. It’ll be the best setting for her and you, too.

Progressive girl As I wrote this is a girl who often attends parties and discos. To meet her you need to first look decent in terms of clothing. You have to be clean, trimmed, and if you need it, shaved. You should have a stylish look and you should be able to communicate at least a little. All this is necessary in order to compete with those whom she sees at each party. The best phrase to experience it will offer to go with her to something like super mega party of the 21st century. Of course you in front of this phrase will have to say at least ” hi “. This kind of walk will cost you a lot of money in the first place because if you want to really impress her, then you have to pay for it at the entrance and pay for it inside. And the prices there are much higher than urban. So my advice to you is to dig up the money first, and then act.

Internet maniac

For such a girl you only need one thing, this is the Internet. So it will be difficult to get her out of your home – the Internet. But if you can talk to her, for example in chat, it is worth to offer a walk. It is not, “What are you doing this weekend” if the answer is that it is not busy, then say “you Have no desire to walk with me on the evening city” or “You were already at the exhibition of Informatics?”you could also say something like ‘Let’s go out together’. And if she refuses without a solid reason, then you just do not like it. Then you have to look for another victim of your harassment, and be careful with it already, that is not to offer her to meet on the second, third phrase.

Cool girl.

This girl needs to show that you’re as interested in her as possible. And one sentence you can’t do with it. Many of these girls have long forgotten that they are girls and so if you show it to her(she is still a girl), then she can fall into your hands. But not all of them. You can also try to talk to her about friends and her friends, only in terms of admiration. Let her take pride in who she talks to and who she knows. And then we will act as all the men acted before us. We’ll take her out and invite her. No matter where.

When meeting with the girls you will find a lot of surprises and unexpected for you speed. They need to come out with dignity and not in any way do not be offended by life. If time did not work, have to get another. Familiarity is an area in which it is difficult to predict anything. But I can say for sure that every girl wants to meet someone. Many beautiful girls just do not notice or do not take seriously, so beautiful girls are and always will be.

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