How to meet a guy: 5 tips for a variety of girls

Inaction is not the fastest way to a relationship. These tips will help even the most shy girls to initiate acquaintance and attract the attention of the guy you like.

Passive measure
Even if you want the initiative to belong to a man, you can gently push it. Use the following tips to increase the likelihood of Dating.

1. Decide on the place
You can get acquainted in a variety of circumstances, not just languidly sipping a cocktail at the bar. Try to start to understand what kind of partner you need, and already on this basis, choose the location. Do you want to meet an intellectual? Go to the exhibition or lecture. Dreaming of an athlete? Take a closer look at those who visit your gym, whom you often meet on a run.

In General, pay attention to the places where you often visit. Most likely, there are men with whom you have common interests.

It is not superfluous to think about the skills that you have long wanted to learn. In language schools or DJing courses there are also enough suitable candidates.
Another option is to look for places of a large cluster of men, where you will stand out. For example, to attend a sporting event, car show or just the instrument Department in the hypermarket. Without attention, you are unlikely to stay there.

2. Become a regular
About bars and cafes still should not be forgotten. But instead of every time to visit a new institution, try to choose one and go there regularly. In a familiar, comfortable environment easier to meet new people. A stormy jubilation of bartenders about your appearance will definitely turn all eyes in your direction.

3. Often are alone
Do not scare strangers with the appearance of your laughing friends and especially male friends. Practice solitary walks (or even trips), trips to cultural events or in a cafe.

Just do not try to replace the temporary lack of communication by listening to music in the headphones or by constantly checking the smartphone. Let others understand that you are one and not waiting for the tardy boyfriend.

4. Don’t be the snow Queen
If you want to get acquainted, forget about the mask of coldness and indifference. She’s more repulsive than attractive. Let in turn all the possibilities of facial expressions, too, is not necessary. In order to show their interest, usually enough look and a light smile.

5. Watch your appearance
This does not mean that an urgent need to get out of the wardrobe all the short and shiny. Screaming sexuality speaks more about the girl’s despair and her bad taste than about the readiness for a normal relationship.

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