How to get a girl who thinks you’re a friend

In this article we will talk with you about how you can get a girl, and in General the content of this article for you will be very unexpected. Read –

I can’t help but Express my opinion about the concept of “to Achieve”. In other articles of my blog I told that there are instincts and that there are two positions in communication with women: the Position “from Below”, which adhere to the absolute majority of men, and not by choice, but because so they were taught by society and raised by mothers. And the position of “Top” – which communicates a maximum of 2-3 percent of men.

In short, the society has taught you how to achieve, care, deserve, and, at the same time there is no guarantee that you will get this woman (will achieve). This is effective for women, but not effective for men.
Here’s an example of how the position from Above to Below even in the first seconds of acquaintance

1. “Bottom” (as you do, and most of the men) – “Hi, sorry well, sorry, but you can meet you”?. Sorry for what? Sorry for what? May I? – it means that here the woman chooses and decides. – in one word this creepy!

2. “Top” – ” Hello, you look great, I liked you, I want to talk to you, wait a minute.” They both mean the same thing, but you feel the difference in words. The problem is not even in acquaintance and not in these words, but in the fact that throughout the communication with women men behave Ala ” Choose me, choose me, I will be good…”.
So the concept itself of “How to get a girl has a boyfriend, or that one didn’t really matter.— – in itself, the concept is initially not correct, it is not necessary to achieve anyone, everything should be mutual!

And about the guy, I mean what if she has a boyfriend – it’s all difficult, it is necessary that you managed to show her that you’re a lot better than her boyfriend, and trust me, it proved not a beautiful courtship or flowers and compliments, and the fact that you show that you have a masculine core, but if you communicate with women from a position “from below” to achieve a busy girl is practically impossible. But if you still manage to show the girl that you’re better, then there is a chance.

Just a guy it is a complicated concept – it may be that this is her favorite young man, and then to achieve it is useless, maybe it is her need to “Hibernate” )). Maybe even that girl just lied to you that she has a boyfriend to you either to merge or to increase its value in your eyes.

How to get a girl who thinks you’re a friend-That’s all a difficult task! Let me tell you Why it happened, first, that she only offered you friendship so that it wouldn’t happen to you from now on. I’ve had it before, too.

So, what happens – you meet a girl, she fell for you, the first date – you do not touch her, the second date you do not touch her, the third and so on. With each subsequent date, your chances of sex are reduced, and friendship increases. The girl is waiting for you to initiative, she is waiting for when you start to kiss, touch and excite. BUT at the same time such a strange thing that as soon as you try to do something with her timidly, she says-“Do not spoil everything, I’m not ready yet, we still know you a little.”

She says that because her nature created it, she has to say NO because otherwise she (as she thinks) will look available in your eyes, a whore. So she (all women) resists, she thereby validates persistent or not. Vooot, you do not touch her, and communication between a man and a woman anyway should develop and move to another (physical), to another level. And with each of the following dates to talk less, emotion less. In General, the interest fades away.

In short, the most important thing – she doesn’t see you as MALE. She does not have an attraction to you, because girls do not need guys who can not take them and fuck.

That’s why you were sent to Friendzone – Let’s Stay Friends. In General, if for me, so this phrase simply masks itself to send you…th.

Here’s what I recommend you not to get into such a situation – go girls, stay away from him (damn, kind of a girly word))) ) in spite of their “No.” Understand that you are afraid to lose it and ruin everything if you touch it, but you understand that you will lose it if you do not touch it! Better take a risk!

And as for what to do to try to get out of friends (by the way, the longer friends, the worse), so the easiest way to forget about it and find a few new girls.

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