How to find a girl: 5 tips for guys

There is an opinion that guys are less interested in a serious relationship than girls.

I think that everything depends solely on the character and habits of the young man: someone really quite easy enough Affairs with different young ladies, and someone does not stop thinking how to find a girl for a serious relationship.

If you belong to the second category, you probably have some difficulties in communicating with the opposite sex.

Once you solve these problems, arrange a personal life will be much easier and you will be able to build a serious relationship with the girl of your choice.

About how to find a girl and what kind of guy you need to become
For some reason, some guys are convinced that you do not need to work on yourself to find a girl.

Like, love, ladies me the way I am.

I had such a classmate, most unpleasant type: groomed, always some dirty, stupid, arrogant, telling vulgar jokes.

At the same time, he apparently considered himself Apollo, because without fear and reproach he offered to meet the most beautiful girls of the faculty, and did so as if he bestowed the greatest mercy.

Naturally, he was refused after refusal and was terribly surprised: “What do these women need?”

We, being mostly educated girls, rejected him very politely, trying not to hurt self – esteem, than, probably, even more convinced: he is a handsome, women – fools.

So it was until, until he, a sophomore, decided to hang out for the good and beautiful Marina from the last course.

The girl was very good and went through the provided solid fans, so I was very surprised at the audacity of my classmate.

And when he began to insist on his own, and even angry, explaining that it would be nice to start to wash clothes and wash more often, get a job and increase erudition before molesting girls like her.

Marina was absolutely right, because before you find a girl, you need to become the guy that many girls dream of:

fashionable dress up;
smart and educated;
financially independent;
interesting interlocutor;
promising, etc.
This guy find a girlfriend – simple, they seldom meet with failure and can choose from a greater number of options.

Become such a guy and problems in your personal life will be reduced!

Decide what kind of girl you want to find yourself
If you do not care what will be the girl with whom you are going to build a relationship and your goal is to find someone else to finally get rid of loneliness, then this section can not read further.

Although, frankly, I do not accept such an approach to the case.

Why so low to appreciate and agree to the worst option simply because of fear to meet refusal of the clever, beautiful and self-sufficient young lady?

I would advise you to visualize the image of the girl you want to find, for example:

tall slender brunette;
18-20 years;
fashionable dresses;
kind, faithful, caring, cheerful;
with a beautiful smile and radiant eyes;
love animals;
loves movies, etc.
If you visualize daily portrait of girl you want to meet, then surely

The universe will send you to meet it.

If this happens, then, without wasting time, hurry to get acquainted with the young lady, until you jumped more nimble and brave opponent.

How to find a girl and why is it so difficult?
Some guys complain that they want to throw how to find a girlfriend, but for some reason she still does not want to be and if possible with anyone

then this relationship ends without even really starting.

The reason for failures in personal life can be, of course, due to unfavorable circumstances and dislike for you fortune, but most often the reason lies in the other.

Many guys can not find a girl because they:

Put in front of a too high bar: begin to care for those young ladies who are unworthy.

In this case, you need to become better yourself, and only then strive for your ideal.

Do not work on errors.

It is very important to analyze why your previous relationship broke up, so as not to step on the same rake again.

They’re acting insecure.

Girls love particular offers and confident guys who know what they want.

If you have a month to Spud the lady, but make it something goofy, do not specifically take, be confident that she will choose another, more strong and courageous representative of your gender.

In a hurry to get a lady into bed.

Sex – it’s great, but if you need a serious relationship, you should not be too fast with him, otherwise the girl will think that you need only her body, not herself.

Miss the opportunity to meet a beautiful girl.

Because of your indecision, you’re afraid to meet cute girls?

Get rid of it, otherwise you risk to while away the time alone to gray hair.

5 tips for those who want to find a girl
kak-najti-sebe-devushkunekotorye guys do not have difficulties in communicating with the opposite sex, while others are incredibly difficult to establish a serious relationship with a pretty lady.

If you are reading this article, then you need the help of more experienced guys.

Here’s what they advise to do to find a girl:

Don’t be afraid to ask out different girls.

Sometimes in order to love a person who you do not like so much at the first meeting, you just need to know him better.

And this can be done only through closer communication.

You should not sit and dream of meeting with a mixture of Angelina Jolie, mother Teresa and Hillary Clinton, sweeping away the other girls.

Such a combination in real life can never be found.

During the full-time acquaintance with the girl smile and establish eye contact.

And it is very important to behave confidently enough, but politely and friendly, so as not to be refused.

Rehearse what you want to say to the young lady at the first meeting.

Will bone by heart a few stock phrases, suitable for travelers in different situations, and grind in front of a mirror your facial expressions, gestures, smiling, posture, etc.

Approach the girl you like with a positive attitude.

Fears: “I know that I wouldn’t” necessarily materialists.

Don’t pass before the failure.

No one is immune from refusals, even the most ideal guys.

You just have to work on the mistakes and try your luck again.

To meet the girl of your dreams to build a serious relationship,

listen to the tips from this video:

Where to find a girlfriend?
You have already understood what you need to do to find a couple, have worked on their mistakes and you have one question: “Where can you find a soul mate?”

Well, that’s a reasonable question, although not as difficult as it seems to many guys.

In each city lives full of girls who are not averse to meet a nice guy, especially if he is set on a serious relationship.

You can find a girl almost anywhere:

Place of work/study.
On a residence.
In the street.
on the Internet.
In public transport.
A cafe or a nightclub.
In the movie or the theater.
In the store.
At some presentation or exhibition.
In a sports club, etc.
If you look around, you will see that you are surrounded by a lot of cute and cute girls.

One has only to overcome embarrassment and approach one of them, then the question “how to find a girl?”will fall away by itself.

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