Where to find girls?

I guess the question is where to find a girl is asked by many. In General, for many years of my observations, I noticed that the girls are everywhere, they are so tightly entered into our lives that now meet a girl in the steel shop is not a problem. Or for example girls “welders”, well, who would have thought a girl with a welding machine and even in a mask! Well, just awesome… But there is a purely female profession where men (unlike women) do not usually agree well.
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How to get a girl who thinks you’re a friend

In this article we will talk with you about how you can get a girl, and in General the content of this article for you will be very unexpected. Read –

I can’t help but Express my opinion about the concept of “to Achieve”. In other articles of my blog I told that there are instincts and that there are two positions in communication with women: the Position “from Below”, which adhere to the absolute majority of men, and not by choice, but because so they were taught by society and raised by mothers. And the position of “Top” – which communicates a maximum of 2-3 percent of men.
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How to find a girl: 5 tips for guys

There is an opinion that guys are less interested in a serious relationship than girls.

I think that everything depends solely on the character and habits of the young man: someone really quite easy enough Affairs with different young ladies, and someone does not stop thinking how to find a girl for a serious relationship.
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Where to find the girl: list of secret places

In this article we will talk with you about where to look for a good girl, the one with whom you will be really good, the very second half.

First the bad news (I love the beginning of the GOV…and pour)) )- There are guys that naive to think that one day a miracle will happen and for friends birthday or other party, they accidentally meet a cute girl (or rather, to be introduced) which will be just perfect and will love to the grave, and they her. There are those who believe in such miracles. I must say that this is a type of guys who generally believe in life miracles, they believe that in their lives one day everything will coincide, will converge point and they will be at the right time in the right place And Bang! They will become a millionaire and loved by women.
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How and what to talk to the girl if the constraint interferes

Mast-read for guys experiencing difficulties in communicating with the opposite sex. In the article-proven tips on how to overcome shyness, learn to lead an interesting dialogue and avoid awkwardness. Plus a few universal topics for conversations that will help out if your head was completely empty.
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How to meet a guy: 5 tips for a variety of girls

Inaction is not the fastest way to a relationship. These tips will help even the most shy girls to initiate acquaintance and attract the attention of the guy you like.

Passive measure
Even if you want the initiative to belong to a man, you can gently push it. Use the following tips to increase the likelihood of Dating.
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